Star-Fae Trilogy Characters

Sylvie Imanthiya

Once the most promising student at the College of Alchemy, Sylvie Imanthiya now lives in the slums of the mortal city of Sabellyn. She devotes her life to caring for abandoned changelings and half-fae children, trading her alchemical potions on the black market to provide for them. With the help of her friends, Zad and Diza, she has carved out a precarious life for herself and the children she takes in.

Four nights a year, she reunites with her dearest and most unlikely friend: Taylan Ashkalabek, king of Faerie. With his magic and her alchemy, they keep the peace when the fae visit the mortal world during the annual solstice and equinox celebrations.

But nothing can prepare Sylvie for the disastrous autumn equinox festival that will her life forever…

Taylan Ashkalabek

Taylan Ashkalabek has been king of Faerie for longer than he cares to remember. The last of the cursed shadow-fae, he battled the star-fae long ago and rose from war slave to ruler, though it isn’t a journey he’s proud of. He puts his lethal skills to use more often than he’d like as he keeps the capricious fae Court in line and tries to lead his realm down a better path. He has made more than his share of enemies over the centuries, and family and love are distant dreams.

The only person he fully trusts is Sylvie, who helps him keep order at the solstice and equinox festivals. The last thing he wants is for her to be caught up in the intrigues of his realm, but when disaster strikes, she’s the only person he can rely on…


Dizandra (Diza) Lyrium

Diza is far more than she appears at a glance. Once a changeling abandoned in the mortal world because of her shadow-fae heritage, her journey has taken her from the streets of Sabellyn to Casimir’s secret laboratories to the vast multiverse beyond the world of Kyure. Now part of the Lyrium–the inter-dimensional guardians of the multiverse–she travels between worlds and keeps order. But it was only a matter of time before her journey led her back to Kyure to reunite with her halayda, Zad, and face Casimir once and for all. She holds her secrets closely and operates according to her own rules, but one thing is clear: she can’t afford to face the coming storm alone.


Zad Lyrium

Zad is the last person you’d expect to be a hero. A pooka (horse shifter) from humble origins, he was singled out by the Lyrium and given an important task: to guard a Dragonfly. He failed. In the century that followed, he squandered his life in the fae Court as an entertainer and assassin-for-hire until an encounter with Diza, his destined mate, set him on a different course. Now he avoids the Court altogether, instead running a benevolent (and lucrative) black market empire in Sabellyn. He’s biding his time, hoping to someday redeem himself fully and help Diza defeat her past. The emergence of another Dragonfly gives him the chance to make good on old promises, but to succeed, he’ll have to become more than believes possible.


General Sidika is a banshee, a herald and bringer of death who has lived by the sword ever since its invention. As old as Kyure itself, she has seen the rise and fall of countless rulers and brought about the demise of many of them herself. She hides behind a warrior’s icy mask because it’s easier than facing the truth: that living for so long is lonely and tiring, that love can go disastrously wrong, and that some dreams can’t possibly come true. But when winds of change blow in Faerie, her cynicism is challenged in ways she never expected.



Casimir lives for one goal: to create the perfect world. Exiled from Faerie long ago by Taylan Ashkalabek, he has bided his time, preparing for the day when he will reclaim control of his homeland. But control isn’t enough to satisfy him. He dreams of rewriting destiny itself and twisting the world to suit his own vision. He just needs one missing piece: the Dragonfly.