Julia Busko, who designed the cover of Halayda, also does character artwork commissions! She’s doing a series of portraits of the major characters in the Star-Fae Trilogy. Keep an eye out for more portraits once book two releases. In the meantime, visit Julia’s website and check out more of her awesome art!


Sylvie Imanthiya



Taylan Ashkalabek


Sylvie 2

Sylvie Imanthiya – second portrait


Taylan 2

Taylan Ashkalabek – second portrait






“Taylan and Sylvie,” commissioned from Janka Lateckova.

Sylvie and Taylan watermarked



Hannah Williams from The Writer’s Window did this lovely drawing of Taylan and Sylvie on the night of the celebration at Taylan’s palace.

Sylvie and Taylan - Hannah Williams